About Knowledge.

About Knowledge.
‘I know, that I know nothing’ (Socrates).
Everything we know it has been thought to us, the name of the things we see, the words we use, the language in itself is something that has been thought to us. Knowledge is experienced through memory. I know who I am because I know who I was yesterday, and the day before yesterday and the day before and so forth until the day we were born. Without my memory, I could only be a new me. A new me looking for knowledge and without previous knowledge. Everything would be new to me. If that would be possible this would mean that I would be able to discover my own knowledge. Nothing that someone had theorised and thought to others, myself included. However, what I would discover would be “belief” more than knowledge. But beliefs can be either true or false. “Knowledge is true belief”, Plato said.
But does one really have to believe something in order to know it? and do we believe everything we know?

-Alessandro Montalbano Gucciardo


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